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Pointing in the right direction (Bauhaus architecture Tel Aviv)

Pointing in the right direction (Bauhaus architecture)Stefanie Pietschmann - - Bauhaus architecture - Photography

Pointing in the right direction

You’ll always enjoy the same view when getting too comfortable in your own orbit. When spinning around in a triangle, you are overlooking its corners. Yet, nuances only become visible in this uniformity if you distract your gaze.

The beauty of such a moment is that things often start pointing in the right direction once you dare to check out the corners. With the experience of these new perspectives, it becomes apparent that, at times, you are the one who stands in your own way.

Bauhaus architecture

I took this photo in May 2022. It shows the balcony of a classical Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv. The city  hosts an impressive amount of Bauhaus buildings from different eras and styles. They were designed by mostly German Jews fleeing Nazi Germany before or during WW2. Though the German Walter Gropius developed the Bauhaus style in the city of Dessau, you can barely find any Bauhaus buildings in Germany today. This is because it was declared as “entartete Kunst” (degenerated art) by the Nazis and therefore forbidden.



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