Portfolio work by Stefanie Pietschmann

During the last 10 years, I was able to show documentary photography by Stefanie Pietschmann on different occasions. Accordingly, I could show my work in several groups and single exhibitions worldwide of whom I had planned, curated, and implemented “Urban Diversity” all by myself. Above all, I was also able to present my photography artwork in different magazines. Certainly, another part of my portfolio consists of work that I have done for selected customers. Finally, individual and non-commercial independent work can be found as well.

If you are interested in my work, have questions, or would like to cooperate, do not hesitate to contact me.

Exhibitions, individual and remittance work

  • July 2017 – November 2017, White City in Full Color – Stefanie Pietschmann in a group exhibition, Prima Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • April – July 2017, My Tel Aviv – Stefanie Pietschmann in a group exhibition, Prima Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • 2016, Portfolio photography – 3D Modeler M. Bachar (Israel)
  • November 2014, “Urban Diversity” – Stefanie Pietschmann in a solo exhibition, מזא”ה 9 (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • April 2014, “Urban Diversity“- photography project (Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem, Israel)
  • 2014, Kit und Klampfe – Artwork for Album (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2014, “בית חם” – Documentary of social and youth center (Lod, Israel)
  • 2014, M.A.U.G. – Artwork for the magazine (Germany)
  • 2013, “StadtTraum StattRaum” – Stefanie Pietschmann in a group exhibition, Villa Sponte (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2013, “Deine Neustadt” – Stefanie Pietschmann photography exhibition, Dete. Kultureinrichtungshaus, Bremer Shakespeare Company (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2013, “Urban Perception” – Stefanie Pietschmann photography and installation in a solo exhibition (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2009 – 2014, Art and theory collective IPuP – artistic representation (Germany)