New post card set – Amsterdam and the Netherlands​

Sending greetings from Amsterdam

I am happy to share with you my new postcard set that you can now purchase in my shop with many other prints of my photography. Also, there is worldwide delivery. 😀

The set consists of 6 postcards with photos that I have taken in Amsterdam and the Netherlands (2020 & 2021). All of the photos are published with their stories on my website. 

On the backside of each postcard, it is also written where the photo was taken so you can also visit the place or look it up online.
The postcards come in size A6 (105mm x 148mm) and are printed on 300 g/m² matte paper. They are as thick and robust as regular postcards. 

You can get your postcard set here. 

The post card set - Amsterdam and the Netherlands

The story behind the postcards​

While living in the Netherlands for more than two years ago, I have always been interested in getting to know more. However, when I moved to Amsterdam in February 2021, I was even more  excited because I felt there is a lot of new to discover. No sooner said than done I constantly found myself wandering around on the streets of the city. The more I walked the more I realized that this city has to offer way more than only the classical postcard motives. This is when the idea for the postcard set was born.

I intended to bring motives on the set that you can connect with the city of Amsterdam or the Netherlands besides the well-known stereotypes. Over time, I found many inspiring places that I captured by using photography. I chose a selection of 6 motives to show the country’s diversity. 


 Magic moments

I took this photo in June 2021 in Amsterdam. In this photo, you can see the magic sky over the Loozingskanaal in Amsterdam Oost. I was fascinated by the play of colors and the light. Don’t miss reading the whole story about “Magic Moments”.


 Carefree land

In spring 2021, I was walking home and luckily had my camera with me because I would have been unfortunate not to have captured this scene. I liked the beautiful colors of the flowers, the reflection in the handlebars, and the rust’s contrast to this beauty. Check out the whole story about “Carefree land”.

FLOWER MARKET -Postcard-Netherlands-Amsterdam-StefaniePietschmann

Letting go

Early in 2021, there were a few special days in Amsterdam – snow had covered the city under a layer of frozen water. Then this specific sunny day came, and it was too inviting, so I had to go for a walk to enjoy it. At one point, I reached the famous Amsterdam flower market. The combination of the cool blue of winter and the sun’s warm colors together with the crows flying over the still partly frozen canal impressed me, and thus I took this photo.

Katwijk aan Zee-bikes-cycling--Postcard-Netherlands-Amsterdam-StefaniePietschmann


In summer 2020, I was at Katwijk aan Zee, a small city at the beach close to The Hague. I walked around, enjoyed the fresh air of the beach, and then I turned around, and this scene was in my focus. I loved the contrast of the cyclists with the static construction of bricks and asphalt and the colors of the sky.


A way to go

In the transition phase between winter and spring 2021, one extremely promising day presented a preview of what was soon to come. People were all over the city because the long winter had made them long for sun and being outside. Since I felt the same, I went to Amstelpark for the first time, where I took this photo. Of course, there is always more to say so don’t miss the whole story of “A way to go”. 

De Zaanse Schans -Postcard-Netherlands-Amsterdam-StefaniePietschmann_

Loosing shelter

In summer 2020, there was minimal tourism in the Netherlands. As the traveling options were also quite limited, I started to visit some classical tourist destinations. Of course, I also had to see the famous Zaanse Schans. It was a lovely day with good weather and only a few people. The green house and windmill caught my eye because they integrated themselves very well into the image with a camouflage cover, yet they diversified while setting contrasts.

You should also check out the article “Loosing shelter” to get to know more about this photo. 

If you have any further questions, you are warmly invited to contact me.



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