Recently, many aspects of being got a different proportion. Things that previously rushed into life slowly but surely lose their speed. In this process, it became evident that not all of them deserved the attention they got. In contrast to that, it becomes clear that one would love to invest in more devotion in other aspects.

Hence, reality flusters individual perspectives, and suddenly everything feels upside down. In this mess, the proportions of relevance reinvent themselves with some surprises.

While it is possible to observe where the journey is heading, it is easy to fall victim to enduring separation on the way. Though one might try to be satisfied with little, the loneliness and separation from those who could bring comfort at this difficult time represent a tremendous personal challenge.

While it is difficult to accept this current reality, it also provides the possibility to evaluate the new proportions. However, one must not forget that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, and it might shine brighter than before.



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