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The Purity of simplicity (Bauhaus in Tel Aviv)

The Purity of Simplicity (Bauhaus in Tel Aviv) -Stefanie Pietschmann - Sderot Yehudit - Bauhaus in Tel Aviv - Architecture Israel

The purity of simplicity

Some like to boost their stories artificially, making a mountain out of a molehill. Since wanting to make everybody else acknowledge the storyteller’s greatness, the whole play forms a buffer layer between reality and wishful thinking. And as the narrative evolves, fear and insecurity behind it slowly disappear in thig fog of hard-earned exaggerations.

Yet, one day this tactic always stops working, causing everything to collapse like a house of cards and ending in a complete mess. But making things bigger than they are, does not automatically make them better. In the end, is it the ones who can do without those pompous made-up stories who can convince by the simplicity of their purity.

Bauhaus in  Tel Aviv 

I took this photo in March 2022. It shows a classical Bauhaus building in the east of Tel Aviv in Sderot Yehudit 23. The city  hosts an impressive amount of Bauhaus buildings from different eras and styles. They were designed by mostly German Jews fleeing Nazi Germany before or during WW2. Though the German Walter Gropius developed the Bauhaus style in the city of Dessau, you can barely find any Bauhaus buildings in Germany today. This is because it was declared as “entartete Kunst” (degenerated art) by the Nazis and therefore forbidden.



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