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Reaching goals in Blankenburg

Reaching goals in Blankenburg

If you want to enjoy something fantastic, you have to make an effort first. Usually, it does not take long until you set yourself in motion if the goal seems appealing enough. When the journey begins, and the excitement quickly grows. However, impatience gradually spreads.

Yet, once you have reached your goal, all the effort gets instantly forgotten. Finally, you can enjoy what you have been working towards for so long – often, the reality exceeds expectations.

However, this experience can only be so exceptional because it ends at some point. This is why at some point, you slowly make your way back. Then you indulge in memories until something new and fantastic opens up – just like with personal goals.


I took this photo in September 2021, at the “Lutherberg” (Luther mountain) in Blankenburg (Harz), Germany.



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