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Reclaim the streets

In today’s world, we share our space with motorized vehicles and those which could resist the temptation to use something else but manpower. The order of this battlefield called “streets” explains itself to the most of us and from a small age on we already learn to fear them.

Our parents tell us that they are dangerous, loud, dirty and can easily cost our lives. So we learn to more or less listen to them and accept the fact that we do not have super powers and that it might be brighter to listen to these “smart-asses.” If you ever had to skateboard, ride a bike or walk on a poor pavement, there is nothing more tempting than the idea how amazing the asphalt would feel under the rolls. As we grow up, we will most likely join the group of those occupying the entire runway one day.

There is a shimmer of hope! Once a year most of the Israeli cities experience a day without cars and motorcycles on their streets – at the Yom Kippur holiday.

Those who do not use this day to ask for forgiveness of their sins find their way to the streets. An army of kids in different sizes and grown-ups with various vehicles like bicycles, tricycles, skateboards and scooter reclaim the streets until the 24 hours of urban peace will be over again.





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