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A relaxing moment at the Tiber River in Rome 

Rome Italy River summer bridge architecture stefanie pietschmann - Relaxing moment - tiber river - Ponte dei Quattro Capi

A relaxing moment

The sun peeks out from the picturesque blue sky on this beautiful summer day. As my tired feet fight meter by meter towards relief, the noon heat approaches its peak.

Finally, I find an old bench to rest. What a relief! The gentle breeze caresses the tree’s lush green leaves that spread its splendor over me like a parasol.

A relaxing moment that I had longed for some time already. So, I take a deep breath, let the day sink in, and enjoy the beautiful view that this little break has to offer.

I took this photo in August 2021 in Rome (Italy) on a very pretty but really hot summer day. You can see the Ponte dei Quattro Capi bridge which connects the two riversides of the Tiber River in Rome. This bridge is the oldest one in the city. It was erected in 62 BC by Lucius Fabricius.



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