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Riding a bike in Rome

Stefanie Pietschmann - riding bike in rome - italy - cityscape - storytelling photography

Riding the bike in a summer sunset

Lately, the outside world has turned cold, gray, and unpleasant. Winter prevailed with all its might, and when it wiped the leaves from the trees on its triumphal march, it also took part of my life juice with it.

Day in, day out, I am muddling through the challenges, and I’m likely not alone in that. I feel stranded in a boring monotony, which slowly nibbles on the few energy reserves left. But self-pity rarely helps. So, I decide to close my eyes and take a break.

Then, they pop up, one after the other – all the beautiful, unpredictable surprises that happened this year. Despite the unpleasant outside world, the vivid memories of riding the bike with a light breeze in my hair in the summer sunset still put a smile on my face.

I took this photo in August 2021 in Rome (Italy). You can see a beautiful and classical bike that was parked outside a shop in the center of the eternal city. 



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