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Routines (architecture in Rome)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Rome - Architecture - utaly - city scape


It is the routines that determine everyday life. Over time, the principle of repetition culminates in a dull routine. So, it gradually becomes clear what to expect, and surprises rarely find their way to the surface.

But if you only persuade yourself long enough, the daily grind might appear to be more colorful than it actually is. Hence, it is hard even to notice how gray everything has become in this process.

However, it should not be forgotten that the routines do not come by themselves. The person indulges habits, paves their way, and decides for or against them.

Yet, breaking out of this self-imposed tunnel vision and leaving the comfort zone often brings sudden surprises. If your gaze wanders into unused corners, you can suddenly see how vivid all of the other things are really there.

I took this photo during my trip to Italy in August 2021. You can see the beautiful details of the architecture in Rome from the worm’s-eye view. This picture shows the facade, balconies, and the planting that the inhabitants did to decorate the house. The architecture in Rome is as special as the city’s history. 



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