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Scaling back demands (Bauhaus in Tel Aviv)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Tel Aviv - Bauhaus - architecture - photography

Scaling back demands

We all diligently work on setting ourselves apart. Thus we are fighting on fulfilling individualism’s promises by aiming for alleged uniqueness. An incredible identity has never been so crucial as it is today.

We offend, provoke, and try to break away. And although we are very busy doing so, we sometimes, in a bright moment, understand that life is quite exhausting if everyone wants to get his way.

Then it becomes apparent that you can’t insist too much on your individuality if its existence depends on everyone else scaling back their demands.

I took this photo in September 2021. You can see classical Bauhaus houses and new constructions in Tel Aviv forming geometrical contrasts. The buildings are situated at “King George Street“.



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