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Self-promoters at the Azrieli Center (Tel Aviv)


For some, it is important to show everyone what they have to offer. And hence, such self-promoters often sprawl in their self-made limelight just to show that they are supposedly better.

Though such self-promoters often achieve their goal to stand out and gain attention, they quickly get forgotten if left unattended. But just because someone can show off, it doesn’t mean that it is also worthwhile for others to take a look!


I took this photo in September 2021. You can see the three towers that belong to the Azrieli center in Tel Aviv. The first tower has a circular, the second a square and the third a triangular form. On this photo you can see the triangular tower.  These buildings stand in Tel Aviv and host many different businesses besides a huge mall. The buildings are also connected to the nearby train station.



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