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Sequestered life

We are living in an age where everything is fast: Rapid communication, a full schedule, and the urge to keep up with the times – a constant longing to achieve what seems to be unachievable. There is barely time for breathing or simply calming down.

A time-out in loneliness, vastness and silence might be the answer to find peace which hides too good in urbanity most of the times. It offers the freedom to be and to breathe. To feel connected again with what surrounds us and with what we share this planet.

Unfortunately, the beauty of nature and isolation sometimes has a bitter aftertaste. The legend says that a giant wanted to marry the beautiful daughter of the king. To his dissatisfaction, she did not agree to follow his idea. So she decided to run away using her horse until she reached the abyss. She continued and is said to have managed to cross the valley and to have safely reached the other side of the valley while her pursuer fell.

Today, one can see what is said to be the hoof print of her horse and image how bitter the taste of this legend really is.






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