Sharing a moment with a Paris daisy (spring in Amsterdam) - Leucanthemum - Margarite - Fly - Stefanie Pietschmann - Storytelling Photography

Sharing a moment with a Paris daisy

Unexpected encounters sometimes enrich a day, and mine seems to be a good one. As I feel the cold touch of the light spring breeze on my skin, it also twirls the tiny leaves of the daisies, which catches my attention.

They proudly and in full bloom show themselves from their most beautiful side. While I’m still in awe, I hear a light humming around me, constantly becoming louder. Soon, I can see that I’m not the only enthusiast.

But sharing is caring, so all enjoy sharing a moment with the daisy until the next strong breeze whirls everything upside down again.

I took this photo in April 2022. You can see a Paris daisy flower in bloom in Amsterdam. A fly has landed to rest on it before the wind made it fly away again. 



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