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A shift in perspective​ (St. Peter’s Basilica Ceiling at Vatican)

A shift in perspective​ (St. Peter's Basilica Ceiling at Vatican) - Stefanie Pietschmann - Vatican - St. Peters Basilica - roof - ceiling - interior 2.jpg

A shift in perspective

Finding the strength to change things is often difficult as there seem to be thousands of reasons against it. However, the main problem is fear of losing the good old known. Whoever indulges in that feeling is standing in one’s way with the assumption that the new might be worse. Hence, there barely is a perspective for progress to develop.

Yet, nothing comes from nothing. By burying yourself in this fear, change will never happen. Since something caused the initial desire for change, the well-known old might not be so good after all. Sometimes, it only takes a slight shift in perspective to understand that instead of losing, you might gain a lot more when following the prospect.

This picture shows the inside of St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City. You can see the ceiling from the inside of the Basilica. I have visited this place in July 2021 while I was staying in Rome, Italy.  



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