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Searching for small adventures (snow in Amsterdam)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Snow in Amsterdam - Small adventures - snow in Amsterdam - Bikes

Searching small adventures

Life gets boring quickly when everything just keeps repeating itself. Since things have been the same day in and day out lately, many fall ill with cabin fever. So, there is a desperate search for small adventures driven by boredom.

While clutching at every straw that promises change, the usually underrated essentials come to mind. Consequently, leaving the house even though the outside world waits with adverse conditions suddenly promises the long-awaited small adventures.


I took this photo in February 2021 shortly after moving to Amsterdam. During this time, there was a lockdown and a night curve in the Netherlands which caused life to become very monotonous. However, there also was a week full of snow. You can see the snowy Ruyschstrart in Amsterdam in this photo. It also shows the typical Dutch bikes. Besides, many other people make their way through this urban winter landscape while searching for small adventures. This photo is also featured in the “Amsterdam calendar 2022“.



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