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The small surprises of life (winter in Tel Aviv)

Small surprises - winter in Tel AvivStefanie Pietschmann - mediterranean sea - storm - light tower - Tel Aviv - Israel

The small surprises of life

Setting standards too high often leads to a feeling of not being enough. If the goal is always to achieve everything extraordinarily, much pressure builds up quickly because not achieving equals failure quite often. A narrow field of vision frequently causes another problem: tunnel vision – a one-way street where compromises are rare.

However, if there is no room to experiment, the beauty of coincidences will always stay unknown. Though the small surprises sometimes sweep through life like a storm and mess things up, they often let everything shine in new splendor that makes being so vibrant.

I took this photo in March 2022. You can see the stormy Mediterranean sea at the coast of Tel Aviv. The storm is moving to the left side of the lighthouse and is followed by the sun. Usually, the weather in this time of the year is already warmer and less stormy but winter decided to pay a visit before the sun takes over.



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