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The solitude of one’s home in Utrecht

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The solitude of one’s home in Utrecht

In recent times, the solitude of one’s home became the most visited site. Suddenly this place had to take on a lot of charges. It became responsible for providing proper resting, a good sense of being, an appropriate office, a hip gym, a fancy restaurant, a cozy bar, and a fantastic theatre.

As one continually grows into this place’s change, it frequently sends reminders that today’s use was not its original purpose. As everyday life is slowly settling into the new reality, performing all those activities in the same place frequently turns out an overwhelming assignment.

When work is always around, it isn’t easy to flow into a chilling mode, enjoy a movie or a drink. Although some can live out as before, most feel the limitations pretty intense as they lack skills, space, or equipment.

Despite all the tremendous efforts, cabin fever spreads here and there. Accordingly, it remains a significant challenge to stay in the solitude of one’s home. However, leaving this little filter bubble for a short break might brighten up this monotone standstill for a little while.

I took this photo in the city of Utrecht in late 2020. You can see a classical Dutch bike in front of a home in Utrecht. Behind the huge window, you can see many different house plants in classical ceramic plant pots. It is not uncommon that former shops become flats like this in the Netherlands.



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