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Sparkles at a Dutch forest

Dutch forest - Stefanie Pietschmann - - sparkles - utrecht - forest in spring Netherlands

Sparkles at a Dutch forest

After a cold, grey, and harsh time, the sky eventually opened up and showed what it had kept for itself the last months. Today, the sun’s rays slowly but surely find their way through the dark clouds that finally begin to dissipate.

Suddenly, the gray monotony transforms into a light and fragile blue. Together with the glowing sparkles of the sun, this little performance bathes the whole forest in a mellow play of colors. As the wind blows through the trees, their shadows’ patterns create a playful dance with each other.

The warmth hits the skin, and the eyes process the moment’s beauty. And so it is not surprising that the tired mind soaks up every second of this magnificent time — a glimpse of what lies ahead shortly and a reminder that progress is still in sight.

I took this photo on a sunny day in fall 2020. You can see a bench in a Dutch forest in “De Bilt” (Netherlands) just waiting for somebody to sit on. 



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