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Lifting spirits with Amsterdam houses

Stefanie Pietschmann - Lifting spirits- - Documentary photography - Amsterdam houses - Netherlands - Architecture.jpg

Lifting spirits

At times, the circumstances are adverse, and while desperately looking for a solution, thoughts often turn to nothing else. Yet things do not always move as fast as you wish, and therefore, getting desperate is often quite tempting.

However, driving further on this one-way street does not solve the problem. Because sometimes, a good thing simply takes time. If waiting becomes too challenging, you can always take a break and enjoy what surely lifts your spirits until there is progress.

This photo shows typical houses in Amsterdam. The houses are situated on the street “Amstel” which is next to the Amstel river in the city center.

The iconic Dutch houses stand on wooden poles that are surrounded by water and mud. Because of this, the constructions move and as a consequence, the houses become crooked. These days, the declining water levels cause major problems to the city and its buildings.



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