Stefanie Pietschmann - Shine and splendor​ - Capitol Hill in Rome- Storytelling photography - capitole-rome - italy

Shine and splendor

The old walls stand proud and strong: As if the stones had only recently started displaying their work of art, they shine in splendor and self-confidence. I feel they had cast a spell on me because I am quickly entirely blown away, trying to imagine how this place must have had changed over time.

Soon, my feet slowly continue walking their way on the cobblestones like the countless others that happened to be here before. Yet, despite all shine and splendor, they are only a very limited snapshot of a partial aspect that today is often mistaken to represent the overall picture. And because stones cannot speak, we’ll never get to know the majority of the countless stories that have happened here.


On the right side, you can see the outside walls of the Tabularium in Rome. This place was the official records office of ancient Rome. The Municipality of Rome is situated in the building on the left side. When going straight forward under the connecting bridge, you’ll arrive at the Piazza del Campidoglio – the Capitoline Hill. This is the famous place that Michelangelo had designed.  



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