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Standing firm (Acro Tower in Tel Aviv)

Stefanie Pietschmann - - high rise houses in Tel Aviv

Standing firm

At times dark clouds gather over your head and can make things quite uncomfortable. It often does not take long until panic sets in. As overwhelm quickly spreads, it is tempting to go on the offensive immediately to regain control.

Yet, there are situations in which such helpless attempts to regain control this way are a waste of energy. Instead of letting the wind carry you away, standing firmly and root is the only way of not losing the ground under your feet. If you can’t stop it, it might be wise to wait for the storm to pass you.

The Acro Tower in Tel Aviv

I took this photo in May 2022. You can see the Acro Tower in Tel Aviv (מגדל אקרו). With its 32 floors, it is standing firm next to a few other modern high-rise buildings. This postmodernist skyscraper literally gets in your way because it is located directly at a large intersection. The construction started in 2015 and finished in 2015. It is situated in an area which is currently undergoing a major modernization and gentrification.



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