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A standstill in snow​ (Blankenburg Harz)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Blankenburg Harz - Schlossteich - winter - snow - Germany - harzmountains - snadstill - snow

A standstill in snow

What a surprise it was when I opened the curtain. Big snowflakes danced from the sky until they landed on the cold winter ground. Slowly but surely, they covered everything in their magnificence. It did not take long until the outside world presented itself in a white coat that looked like spun sugar.

While the world was lulling itself into sleep, Father Frost pulled over the white treasure. So the following morning became even more exciting than the last evening already seemed to have been. I quickly got dressed. Then the cold air entered my lungs – waking me up.

The still-life I found looked so pretty as it was still untouched. A standstill in snow as if space and time no longer played a role. Since everything stood still for a moment, I could discover its originality until it was too freezing and I had to go home.

I took this photo in December 2021, in my hometown Blankenburg (Harz), Germany. Due to the cold temperatures (-15°C), everything was frozen. In this photo, you can see the “Schlossteich” (Castle pond) that belongs to the Blankenburg Castle



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