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Stefanie Pietschmann - – documentary photography by Stefanie Pietschmann.

One evening in October 2009, I was pretty frustrated. First of all, my day had been rather mediocre, and generally, I had the feeling that the negative aspects outweighed all sorts of areas in my life. For this reason, I assumed that I might benefit from a fresh breeze, and so I decided to go for a walk to sort out my thoughts and calm down a bit.

The colorful leaves that the wind had already blown from the trees were wet from the neverending rain northern Germany has to offer in autumn. Besides, their shapes, and shades sparkled in the light of the street lamps, which brightened the darkness of night. Somehow, this caught my attention. Because of this, I decided to take a picture with my cell phone: One photo became two and two became three, and soon I got lost in time …

As a result, I came back home some hours later with a memory card full of photos and a fantastic mood. – And here I am 10 years later and not a bit less in love with my passion. 

A storyteller

My name is Stefanie Pietschmann, and I am a documentary photographer. Society, life, and nature deeply inspire me. As I am curious, I attentively observe what happens around me. Endless stories run the streets – many of them just waiting for being told. They get lost in the shuffle and might stay untold forever. 

Using the camera offers me the possibility to capture moments, which show, reflect, and question our surroundings, values, and social constructs. In recent times, I complimented my visual work with writing, something I had done for many years in private. 

With my work, I aim to tell stories to irritate and to inspire – a view at the world from a crooked angle.


Exhibitions and documentaries

During the last years, I was able to improve my skill set, to present my work in several exhibitions in Europe and Israel, realize my projects like “Urban Diversity” and see my photography in several media.

  • July 2017 – November 2017, White City in Full Color – Stefanie Pietschmann in a group exhibition, Prima Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • April – July 2017, My Tel Aviv – Stefanie Pietschmann in a group exhibition, Prima Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • 2016, Portfolio photography – 3D Modeler M. Bachar (Israel)
  • November 2014, “Urban Diversity” – Stefanie Pietschmann in a solo exhibition, מזא”ה 9 (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • April 2014, “Urban Diversity“- photography project (Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem, Israel)
  • 2014, Kit und Klampfe – Artwork for Album (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2014, “בית חם” – Documentary of social and youth center (Lod, Israel)
  • 2014, M.A.U.G. – Artwork for the magazine (Germany)
  • 2013, “StadtTraum StattRaum” – Stefanie Pietschmann in a group exhibition, Villa Sponte (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2013, “Deine Neustadt” – Stefanie Pietschmann photography exhibition, Dete. Kultureinrichtungshaus, Bremer Shakespeare Company (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2013, “Urban Perception” – Stefanie Pietschmann photography and installation in a solo exhibition (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2009 – 2014, Art and theory collective IPuP – artistic representation (Germany)