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Storytelling Photography from June to December 2021

Storytelling Photography in 2021

For the first six months of 2021, I mostly stayed in Amsterdam because of the restrictions of lockdown and Corona. However, when summer came, many limitations went. Therefore, I decided that it was time to move a bit – I started to do my storytelling photography at many different places.

Besides enjoying the second half of last year in Amsterdam, I used the rain-free days to discover the surroundings by bike, which is a pleasure to do with a bike infrastructure like in the Netherlands.

I also finally made my way back to Germany and visited the Harz mountains three times (summer, autumn, and winter), where I am originally coming from.

In August, I visited Rome for a week. Besides the really hot temperatures, it was great to see the city, mainly because it was pretty empty. I walked more than 10 km each day since the city has so much to offer for storytelling photography.

I spent September in Tel Aviv, where I went for endless photography tours by foot and bike. In November, I made a short trip to the UK, though; I did not really take too many pictures there.

I still have a lot of unpublished photos, of which you can see some for the first time in this video. But don’t worry, I will publish all of the other storytelling photography in the near future!



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