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A bird to brighten up the day (Street art in Amsterdam)

Street art in Amsterdam - A bird brightens up the day (Streetart in Amsterdam) -Stefanie Pietschmann - photography - Blasiusstraat - Amsterdam - The Netherlands - streetart

A bird to brighten up the day

Although we spend a lot of time in them, urban spaces often attract little attention in everyday life. Because nobody really feels responsible, it is not surprising that they often appear gray, colorless, and bland.

However, when decorating timeworn walls with paint, they indeed become more vivid. Yet, we also become part of the urban experience and can enjoy these colorful beauties when we need to brighten up a gray day.


Streetart in Amsterdam

I took this photo on an inviting spring day in early April 2022. You can see a street art painting of a bird on a wall in Blasiusstraat in Amsterdam Oost (the east of the Dutch capital). I was pretty surprised when I encountered this beautiful artwork by coincidence and therefore, I could not hesitate to share it.



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