Even though we are born helpless, we quickly start to think that our knowledge and strength are superior to the experience of the ones that live what still lies ahead of us. We are rebellious, impatient and dogmatic. Through the years, we increasingly become convinced of ourselves. Who we are, what we do and how we think is the ultima ratio. We are the protagonist who wants to stand out above the crowd.

We are captured in a blunted actuality. Still, we depend on the love and grace of those who surround us.

Life is fragile, life is complicated and the maintenance of our personal reality is always in danger. So perhaps at one point, we question the validity of the known: normality becomes the exception, and the exception becomes the lonely straw one clutches on.

While trying not to drown in the sea of anger, fear, and uncertainty, we might reason with ourselves. Rewriting our story by questioning who we are, what we do and what we believe. This is an opportunity to gain real strength and become a protagonist who stands out above the crowd.

Life is vivid, life is unsteady, life is full of eventualities.



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