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Summer break (Amsterdam Ijburg)

Summer break (Amsterdam Ijburg) - Stefanie Pietschmann - Ijburg the netherlands - cycling - Amsterdam

Summer break (Amsterdam Ijburg)

Living the daily grind somehow catches all of us. Though the known procedures might provide some security, getting stuck in them is pretty easy. However, surrendering to the known means that the impulses left for your eyes are quite limited.

However, stopping to think outside the box is the death sentence for creativity because everything has already been said and seen. Since I love getting around, seeing new things, and leaving my comfort zone for a while, I am going to take a summer break, without work, phone, and all the little things that usually distract me.

See you in August! 💜


Cycling in Amsterdam Ijburg

I took this photo in July 2022. You can see my bike in the sunset of a beautiful and unusually hot summer day in Amsterdam Ijburg. Ijburg is a new city quarter, and its construction started in late 1999.
Besides many residential houses, there is also an excellent infrastructure for public transport, streets, and of course, cycling roads. The islands in this area are artificially erected, and you can also find a beach where you can swim or surf.



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