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A sunny day at the Amstel river

Sunny day - Amstel river - Stefanie Pietschmann - Amsterdam - Amstel river - architecture boats - - Amstel river

A sunny day at the Amstel river

Today’s view presents itself as a magnificent still life in an open-air museum. The soft light of the weak winter sun bathes everything in a warm cloak of golden shimmer. With this glow, what had appeared gray and uniform yesterday suddenly looks magical.

What a lovely sunny day it is!

I succumb to this temptation and set off. However, nothing comes without a price! As soon as the door closes behind me, the icy winter wind ensures a frozen face. Sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem at first glance, and the cost of your own decisions only comes to the surface after you’ve already made them.


I took this photo early in February 2022. It was the first real sunny but very cold day after the long grey, cold and locked down winter. Though it might not look like it, it was freezing outside. You can see boats / houseboats in front of the houses that are next to the Amstel river.



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