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Sunset on a winter day in Vondelpark (Amsterdam)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Vondelpark - Amsterdam - Winter - Sunset - NetherlandsSnow

Sunset on a winter day

Winter often doesn’t invite you to a perfect outdoor party. It mainly shows itself from the cold, wet, dark, and grey side, and that’s why it’s even more special when there is an exception – like on this day that seemed truly magical!

Snow had freshly fallen, the sky was blue, and the sun shone with full power. I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. And so, people flocked outside to enjoy this fantastic opportunity. Soon, everybody romped around on this open-air playground, enjoying what this day had to offer.

But no matter how beautiful the day, it always stays short in winter. Slowly but surely, daylight began to fade. As darkness drew nearer, people began to set off again. However, this day still had a trump card: An outstanding sunset to end this beautiful winter day.


You can see the sunset on a winter day at the iconic Vondelpark. This park is ought to be the most famous in the city since it is situated in a very central part and therefore, you can usually find many tourists there.

However, I took this photo in February 2021 when there was a week full of snow. Besides, there was also a lockdown. Therefore, many people went outside despite the cold to enjoy the snow and do ice-skating because there was not so much else to do.



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