Sunset over the city’s spectacle​

Stefanie Pietschmann - City - Sunset over the skyline of Tel Aviv

Sunset over the city's spectacle

When entering a city’s outskirts, the landscape, slowly but surely, begins to change. Plants give way to constructions which causes a feeling of urbanity to arise. As if on a red carpet, you slowly approach the goal on this ride, and before you know it, you are already in the middle of the spectacle.

Within the city’s limited space, a whole new world opens up. It’s loud, fast, colorful, flashy, and intense. As so many things happen simultaneously – looking for attention – only a few get actively noticed. On this playground, everybody and everything is a spectator and an actor contributing to the overall picture.

However, the abundance of these things sometimes causes a feeling of tightness. When it becomes problematic, it is perhaps time to leave the city’s crowded space for a short time because if you look at the spectacle from a bit of distance, you can get a clearer view.



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