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Surrender to serenity ​(autumn in Germany)

Surrender into serenity ​(autumn in Germany) Stefanie Pietschmann - forest in autumn - Germany Harz mountains - photography - autumn in Germany

Surrender to serenity

There are so many things happening each day that it is almost impossible to remember everything once it has ended. And as the head is full of events that are often difficult to classify, only a little energy is left at the end of the day. Thus, calming down often becomes a big challenge.

However, taking a few minutes for yourself can change the outcome despite a supposed lack of time or motivation. When I enjoy this unique setting today, it feels like a lot of weight falls off my shoulders. Quickly, I surrender to serenity as I finally immerse myself entirely in the beauty of this autumn-colored world.

Autumn in Germany

I took this photo in the autumn of 2022. You can see the beautiful colors of the forest next to my hometown Blankenburg (Germany). The city is at the foothills of the Harz mountains. North of this low mountain range, Germany starts to become as flat as the Netherlands until its northern border to Denmark. Fall is a great time to visit Germany, especially the Harz mountains, because its trees and plans shine in all the splendid colors of the season, making it easy to surrender to serenity. Besides, this area of Germany is very famous for witches and devil sagas. Until 1989, Blankenburg was part of eastern Germany (GDR), and the border passed over the mountain.



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