It is quite loud these days. But how can we make sure that we do not drown in the overflow of noise?


Events might be forgotten over time but they still shape what they surround.


Restraint appears to be one's good virtue, but the little stinker named greediness blazes the trail.

Floating with the others

One might come to the assumption that there is nothing more important in life than differentiate from the others, but ...


The modern human's affection of contemporary life.


Ways to communicate.


Defending your territory.


Trying to find balance.

Facade engineering

We invest a lot in our appearance but the neatest facade will also crumble.

Urban lifestyle

The modern human lives a life in a saturated periphery ...


For most of us, possessions are indispensable.

Playing chess

We love to adapt known processes, forms and designs to unconventional new work.

Being human

We are privileged to design our surrounding and ourselves. But privileges never come alone ...

Sequestered life

A time-out in loneliness, vastness, and silence might be the answer to find inner peace, but sometimes these beauties hide a b


I found this building in Jaffo (Tel Aviv) some time ago while I was walking with a friend. We were talking about it


regungslos, Haus, Häuser, Neubauten, Gebäude, Wohnraum, Büros, Architektur, Tel-Aviv, Israel, weiß, modern, Rots


Neve Tzedek, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Architektur, Gebäude, Alt, verlassen, verfallen, unbewohnt, modern, kultur,