Taking a rest

The hope of taking a rest often dominates the thoughts. Although there should not be anything more natural than doing nothing, resting turns out to be a noble art. When a possibility finally arises, moving thoughts are not long in coming.

Soon, the inner restlessness starts its constant attempt to disturb. There are things to arrange, to sort, to tidy up, or to organize. In short, unrest always finds something to do. Thus, the option of taking a rest appears to be unthinkable.

As a consequence, subconsciousness subliminally tries to postpone the relaxing while striving to relax. One emulates the belief to be in control, that one keeps things in one’s hands, and must prove this constantly. As it feels like heavy work to permanently meet this requirement, one still doesn’t seem to want a stop.

The assumption that there was full control over life is a pure semblance. And, though the moving thoughts try to convince otherwise, procrastinating the time off is destructive. In the end, this makes taking a rest become an art in itself, a remarkable skill, and an essential part of life.



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