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Taking a break at the Amstel River

Stefanie Pietschmann - Documentary photography - Amsterdam red boat - Netherlands - Architecture - river - - Taking break - Amstel

Taking a break at the Amstel

While walking down the charming streets, I quickly notice that I am not alone with my tempting idea to take advantage of this beautiful day. Lately, it already seemed that the invincible wet grey sky would want to stay forever.

Therefore, it feels pretty crucial to leave home. It is not surprising that the city is busy with people walking around and enjoying the sun’s warm rays in every possible way.

I slowly continue my way until I reach a hidden place that exerts a unique attraction. I am letting my gaze wander around while the trees’ dancing leaves and the gently rushing water play their charm on me. As I cannot resist, I am taking a rewarding short break before I plunge back into the crowd.

I took this photo in late spring 2021 in Amsterdam (Netherlands). You can see ships, houseboats, and canal structures from the perspective of the Amsteldijk and the Nieuwe Amstelbrug



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