Stefanie Pietschmann NDSM Werf - - documentary photography - cows - Amsterdam - netherlands - NDSM

Talking observers

Humans do it whenever, wherever, and with whom they can. They all love to talk. By doing so, you can share things about yourself and take part in the life of others. Although its essence is always the same, the intentions for doing so vary.

As people like to talk, many find it attractive to assume that they have something to say about everything. Therefore, it is common to speak, share opinions, and advise about anything without solid knowledge – a needless attempt to make yourself be heard and seen. As a consequence, a lot of pointless conversations, discussions, and arguments occur.

Yet, you can sometimes better make your name by not interfering in all things. If you let the others speak and listen as an observer, you may learn quickly whether you think it is worth participating in a conversation or not.

I took this photo in Summer 2021 at the NDSM-Werf in Amsterdam Noord. This place once was a shipyard, but today, you can find a lot of street art, ateliers, coffee places, and flea markets. Besides, this photo is also the photo for August in the “Amsterdam Calendar 2022“.



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