The attraction of beats

The attraction of beats

As we are dipping into the beats, we cast off the outside world. For a little while, we become one with the moment. The rhythm guides the movement of our bodies, and our feet get lost in vivid melodies. A big smile runs across my face as I enjoy to watch the pleasure around me.

Music makes our bodies play — an arm here, a leg there, and hips that are far from being in the center. By pure intuition, we smoothly move, shake, and express who we are. And without the need for further words, we plainly experience each other. What a satisfaction it is to feel yourself.

By following the beats, we openly expose what we feel. And though the reality stands out by restrictions, music offers the freedom to be who you wish to be. Throughout the time the melody guides us, we are all the same – caught in the magic of the sensation. Hence I take a deep breath while I surrender to this experience.

In the attraction of this moment, we unconditionally follow the vibrancy of the sound. It is the music that decides for us, where the journey goes. As we get bogged down in detail, the concept of time has long lost its function. And so, getting lost in the vibes feels like forever.



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