The beauty of little things

In today’s world, there is almost nothing which cannot be bought with money. We love buying new things faster and are kindly encouraged to speed up with our shopping – we need more and more and even more than that. We buy for nothing, and this makes us numb. We forget the fact, that what we own and what we can do ourselves has value and that value doesn’t automatically stand for money.

I am sure almost everyone has silent wishes and dreams of what would be bought if there had been extra money for it. I remember that when I was a child, every once in a while, we were fantasizing about what we would buy and do if we had won the lottery: houses, vacations, furniture, toys, computers, televisions, technics, clothes, clothes and clothes – we were in the intoxication of shopping. But we never won in the lottery.

The beauty of little things

Becoming a teenager means to go from one extreme to the other. It also means that there is nothing more important than what others think about you. How could it be otherwise if you don’t know yourself who you are, what you want and what you stand for. Therefore, it is deducted that one needs what is thought to be cool, hip and extraordinary in order to demonstrate one’s right of existence inside the group – whichever it may be. The coolest clothes, gadgets, special items and everything that is better than what the rest could afford. Being the coolest, symbolises to be the best and this implicates to be the happiest one – a wet teenage dream. Unfortunately, this messed up system works out ever since: it is not that the “coolest” is the happiest, smartest and most lovable person, but the coolness teaches the others that they are less happy, fortune and hip and they believe it. Sadly, for many people, this system stays the same when they become grown ups.

Since I was not part of the coolest, I continued wearing a mixture of new clothes and those which we were given or my mother sew for me. We repaired our television and computer when they broke. I carried on living with the fact that there is no other way than the waiver of all of the items which I so much wanted because I assumed that I would live a happier and therefore an easier life. In the end, the “need” for more never made my life more enjoyable, happier and cooler. On the contrary, it only made it more miserable, unhappy and exhausting. I would never be able to gain the final goal of satisfaction – there is no ultimate goal of satisfaction included in this system.

Due to this fact, it is very delightful to see, that someone made the lovingly effort to create this beautiful scenery with what is thought to be worth nothing.



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