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The big picture (Tel Aviv beach)

The big picture - Tel Aviv beach Stefanie Pietschmann - storytelling photography - Tel Aviv beach view - Yaffo - Israel -

The big picture

From afar, details always blur into a big picture, concealing the many small elements that make them up. But since you let me look closer, I realized all the small features that previously hid behind the distance.
One needs to be brave to admit that something isn’t going well, and it is even more challenging to change. Yet making a mistake and not correcting it is to make a real mistake – you are far from that!

While I almost disappear in your big shadow of strength, I admire nothing more than your courage. I’m not your equal, but I stand behind you. Though your big picture is also shattered into many small pieces for you, you don’t let yourself be carried away. Hopefully, you will see how bravely you mastered this challenge in the future.


Tel Aviv beach

I took this photo in September 2022. You can see the beach of Tel Aviv at the golden hour (shortly before sunset). You can often find many surfers in this beach area, close to the famous Jaffa. Besides, you can see the many new skyscrapers built in the last couple of years, often hiding the view and the sun from the buildings behind them. Hotels or holiday renters use many of these high-rise buildings, making these spots inaccessible to the public. However, in recent years there was an extensive renovation of the beachside, which significantly improved this public space.



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