The brighter side

The portrayed reality of people’s lives is vying for attention these days. Hence, staying committed to oneself can be challenging. The perfection of the others frequently dazzles the view because it continuously demonstrates the brighter side of life.

The appearance of the visible usually covers reality with a veil. It obscures the view. Thus, one only perceives what should be seen: The beautiful, the exciting, the impressive, the extraordinary, and the desirable – a representation of the brighter side of life.

Sometimes this concept is hard to see through. Because when searching for a place in life, it is a demanding task to understand what is more appearance than substance. Hence, the other side always seems to be brighter, and self-doubts start spreading around.

Yet, most people create a presence that represents only a part of the truth. It only seems so inviolable because nobody bothers to look behind it. When digging a little, one can quickly notice that what is seeable is not as bright as it wants us to believe.




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