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The crowd

There is a constant urge to stand out from the crowd. Though this venture costs a lot of effort, the existence of the longing for this goal seems to be worth the work.

While searching for more recognition, attention, or alleged love, investing in appearance often pops up as the perfect solution. A splash of color here or a little self-optimization there – the essential point is to be different.

As we all seek to differ from everyone else to be unique enough, one might find recognition and attention this way. However, it is quickly forgotten that you are somehow always part of a crowd, and in the end, real love does not depend on appearance.

I took this photo in the summer of 2021. You can see a modern piece of architecture in Amsterdam Ijburg. Ijburg is one of many artificial islands that the Netherlands started built-in 1999. Today, it is the most eastern part of the city. 



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