Stefanie Pietschmann - Westerpark in Amsterdam - documentary photography - westerpark - amsterdam - netherlands - nature

The difficulties

For a while now, things got mixed up, and claim everyone who cannot get to safety quickly. As a consequence, crucial parts are now on hold. This turned into a heavy load on exhausted shoulders that desperately wait and hope for a shift to compensate for the difficulties.

Over time, patience started wearing thin and frustration began splashing around. Yet things aren’t always up to whom would like to change them. And so, I continued waiting and hoping for a shift to compensate for the difficulties.

But then, there was land in sight on this arduous journey. With the destination in front of my eyes, I am amazed dreams finally come true. And yet, I also realize the overwhelming feeling of being rewarded with the long-desired shift to compensate for the difficulties.

I took this photo in the summer of 2021. you can see a little waterway that flows through Westerpark in Amsterdam. 



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