Variety is beauty; it shows the diverse ideas and philosophies which are shared and brought together by humans and nature – even though the general modern understanding of ‘variety’ might be connoted very positive, the consequential availability of choice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  

Did you ever find yourself standing in front of a shelf in a supermarket and did not know which toilet paper to choose? Well, one could say that this is a ridiculous first world problem – and indeed, this is true. But it is also true that it perfectly represents the dilemma which choice is putting you in. The dilemma, to decide which of the offered possibilities you want to choose from. This directly refers to the actual problem called ‘the choice.

As we are spoiled for choice we try to find a solution for the problem. Unfortunately, every decision is bringing consequences with it. If you go out and exaggerate drinking tonight, you won’t be able to perform well tomorrow morning in your test, but you will meet your friends and have fun. One is kept in a dilemma and needs to make a decision. What is more important? What happens if I will decide for A or B? Could it affect my personal life in a long-term manner? How essential is the other possibility for me … In the end, it is oneself and nobody else who needs to assume responsibility for one’s actions.

The right of choice brings the duty of choice.




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