The dreamer

Human imagination is not tied to any limits. Hence, it allows us to build colorful castles in the air. In doing so, existence often comes with better prospects than it has in the actual world. With closed eyes, everything seems possible for a dreamer.

On this imaginary journey, one creates an idealized copy of what one would like to be. It is simple to eliminate fears in this world and to overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles of the real-life. With closed eyes, the dreamer can quickly become whatever he wants.

Fantasies wait, stay, and only serve their holder. The perfect world is always just another second away because we can let it continue on demand. Though imagination is free of boundaries, the ideal always remains unattainable. With closed eyes, the dreamer can never experience a personal paradise.

But at times, some dreams inspire so much that they make us ask for more. And though fears and demanding hurdles are part of the real-life, it might be worth thinking about the effort facing them. Because when the dreamer starts to see paradise with opened eyes, dreams transform into reality.



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