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The giver (Beeldenpark in Beerschoten)

Beeldenpark in Beerschoten - The giver - Stefanie Pietschmann - documentary photography - pietschy - de bilt - netherlands beerschoten

The giver of Beeldenpark in Beerschoten

The act of taking is not too difficult for the majority. As a matter of course, it appears to be something quite ordinary which, for the most part, nobody questions too frequently. Accordingly, one does not spend too much attention on what is taken as busy thoughts are buzzing around many other issues.

Yet, taking also implies that there must be a supplier who delights. In the self-interacting system that we are living in, everyone eventually becomes a giver. However, the reason for that may not always serve a laudable purpose.

Nevertheless, there are always those who are giving for the sake of giving. Surely, they are not exempt from expectations either, no matter how laudable they may be. Yet, the courage it takes to invest time, energy, and effort for an uncertain outcome often pays off in a favorable response. Accordingly, I was very happy when this unexpected giver delighted my day.

I took this photo in June 2020 in the Dutch city “De Bilt”. You can see the Beeldenpark in Beerschoten, which is a a beautiful small park inside the forest with many diverse sculptures



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