The joy of living together


Diversity is what we have in common, and therefore living together shifts to be a noble art. Regularly, the early enthusiasm gives way to reality when its honest side starts showing up.

What is easy to be overseen initially can lead to built-up anger over time. However, criticism doesn’t stop at yourself. As a consequence, the focus shifts, and judgmental behavior grabs hold of the situation. Eventually, trivialities goad each other until the circumstances escalate.

Living together reflects who you are but also who you are not. Not admitting that this difference has a right to exist, means that one undermines the other’s right to be. However, this does not imply that living at cross purposes is a smart answer to this problem.

If joy shall come back, it might sometimes be vital not to take oneself too seriously. Though taking a step back may appear to be the hardest move, it is precisely that what offers the needed space to keep living enthusiastically together.



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