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The last sunbeams of summer (Houseboat in Amsterdam)

The last sunbeams of summer (Houseboat in Amsterdam) Stefanie Pietschmann - houseboat in sunset - Amsterdam the netherlands

The last sunbeams of summer

Now that the days are slowly becoming colder and shorter, it’s hard to ignore that autumn is just around the corner. Though the summer has been very generous this year, this change still comes with a bit of melancholy because these last months felt very special.

I can already see the sun hiding behind a thick layer of clouds for the next few months in my inner eye. However, there is nothing I can really do about it. So I try to focus on the now and take a short break to enjoy the last warm sunbeams of summer.

Summer on a houseboat in Amsterdam

I took this photo in early September 2022 in the centrum of Amsterdam. You can see a houseboat in the canal “Singlegracht“, the outer canal of the famous canal system you can find in the city center.
Besides many other things, Amsterdam and the Netherlands are internationally known for their houseboats. However, adding new houseboats to the city is impossible these days, and you can only get a spot if somebody else wants to sell theirs.

This year’s summer in Amsterdam was untypical because it was extremely warm and surprisingly dry. When I took this photo in early September, I could still wear summerly clothes though this time of the year is usually already quite cool.



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