The obligation of growth

Modern understanding of progress frequently equates to the expectation of increase. We aim for increasing assets or appreciation to satisfy our fear of loss. Hence, things speed up, which is why there is steadily more to achieve, earn, or optimize. As growth is on everyone’s lips, fast motion seems unquestionable.

When there is no enough, the setting has to adapt to the prevailing dogma. As a result, humans seek to squeeze the world into a suit that is many sizes too small. However, without a doubt, pulling in the belly is insufficient because what is not supposed to fit cannot fit.

But when the idea of exceptional guides us, everything has to become more outstanding. On this fast ride, we don’t stop at ourselves. Accordingly, we are seeking more, personal growth – the perfect me. As priorities shift, something got to give way. Thus, reality feels heavy when one puts too much strain on it.

And while standing on this bridge, the pace of the daily grid runs underneath my feet. Within all of these actions, the expectation of growth has given way to the indifference. A moment of standstill in the tugging speed of the time in which we live.



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