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The speed of today's life

It is hard to cope with the speed of today’s life because everything constantly vies for the biggest attention. Often, the temptation is too big to resist. Surrender to whatever seems so urgent when it sparkles, blinks, and flashes around you often is the consequence. 

It’s hard to wind down because these screams for attention feed the deep fear of missing something elementary. As the next distraction is already waiting for its turn, the expectation rises that others keep up with this pace as well – the beginning of a seemingly endless cycle.

Yet, often, the sparkles, blinking, and flashes only look so crucial at first glance. Because once you have devoted yourself to the irresistible, it quickly becomes clear that the given information has nothing truly to say. Nevertheless, playing along is attractive because who wants to feel excluded?

However, trying to meet others’ expectations often does not meet their own needs. When constantly trying to cope with the speed of today’s life, you might miss finding what you want because you never have the quality time to think about it

I took this photo in spring 2021 in Amsterdam’s Westerpark. It was a lovely day when the sound finally made its way to spring. There was still a lockdown and people were happily enjoying the beauty of this day in nature and all parts of the city. 



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