The storm’s laws

Life comes and goes in waves. It is the highs that we are striving for, but their existence depends on the presence of downs. In such challenging moments, things often come from all sides at the same time. They may feel like little pinpricks that only start to cause severe discomfort in their entirety.

The mass does its work, and so overwhelming is not long in coming. If things become too possessive, the boundaries shift blurred, and the situation appears claustrophobic. As it is easy to lose track this way, the desire to run away from this storm spreads quickly.

Although this situation can feel threatening, it might be wiser not to give in to the temptation of escape. When running into the storm, the direction of the wind might change unpredictably, and standing solely firm like a tree the only way of not being blown away.

Keep the flag flying does not cause the storm to pass quicker. But after all, one is quite likely left with fewer injuries. Now that corners, edges, and tips of the turmoil could bounce off, one can leave this battle strengthened.



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